The Exe Books  I

What would you do if your every wish came true...

Whenever fifteen-year-old Experience "Exe" Parsell makes a wish, it comes disastrously true—a power that once proved fatal. That's why Exe spends every waking moment suppressing her wildly uncontrollable magic to protect her lively yet loving adoptive family... from herself.

Desperate to be rid of her treacherous powers, Exe searches her quaint, quirky Arizona town for someone, anyone who can teach her to control her unnatural abilities. Then one restless night, Exe spies the spooky old man next door burying a body in her own backyard. Exe magically exhumes the corpse and unearths a "Wanted: Dead" poster—featuring her face.

Stunned to discover that she's a fugitive being hunted by the magical government who ordered her executed as an infant, Exe must journey through an enchanted mirage to learn how to harness her immense powers if she wants to survive. 

As she braves the dangerous world of Anacapia—where multiple countries are in an arms race to discover the secrets of time travel and her own government has labeled her a world-ending weapon—Exe is desperate to find the answer to one devastating question: Is she truly an evil destroyer as so many people believe?